Cecile Believe - Plucking A Cherry From The Void (Clear Vinyl)

The voice is a powerful medium. Cecile Believe's is unmistakable. Plucking A Cherry From the Void – originally released digitally in 2020 – is an eight track mixtape release that sees Believe ambitiously experimenting with the boundaries of her sound. The mixtape's centrepiece is lead-single 'Times', a veritable stroke of future-pop genius. Its perfect counterpart, 'Bitch Bites Dog' is the mixtape's standout and has gone on to land over 3M+ streams worldwide. Using her unique voice and production, Cecile Believe searches to connect worlds of pop, sound design and experimental music and asks the question - what is the energetic thread that connects these sonic worlds? Now available as a physical release, the Plucking A Cherry From The Void LP features new artwork, pressed on clear vinyl, and contains 'Silver Line', a previously unreleased bonus track.