Exploding Corpse Action - Inter-Dimensional Annihilation: Complete Transmissions 1995-1997


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A long time Armageddon Label project that was started in 2004 that has now come to completion. The full discography of EXPLODING CORPSE ACTION, fully restored, remastered, and finally unleashed. From beyond the deepest recesses of darkest space, ECA transmitted an ominous prophesy of primitive grinding death metal so unsettling it was hidden from human ears for almost three decades. In sonic sympathy with the devastation unleashed by ancient terrestrials such as Carcass, Autopsy, Carnage, and Fear of God, ECA vomited forth grinding auditory atrocities and aural abominations, but from the cold extremities of an unknown dimension beyond space and time. Radiometric dating confirms the ECA master tapes originated from the wasteland of a long-forgotten epoch of human existence: the 1990s. Submitted here for your approval is the full record of ECA’s inimical augury including their initial planet-pulverizing demonstration, subsequent species-neutering auditory experiments, cosmos-lacerating live carnage, and their galaxy-dissevering lost ep, which is unveiled here for the first time. ECA’s Inter-Dimensional Annihilation: The Complete Transmissions 1995-1997…the truth will now be told.