Nathan Salsburg - Landwerk No. 3 (2xLP)

The third volume of the Landwerk series by guitarist, archivist and 78 collector Nathan Salsburg. After releasing three acclaimed acoustic guitar records from 2011-2018, Salsburg pivoted with the first volume of Landwerk in 2020. Alone on a tree farm in rural Kentucky, he put on an old 78 by the Jewish cantor Yossele Rosenblatt one winter night and was struck by an organ chord. He sampled it, looped it and began playing guitar alongside it. It was like "conversing with a ghost" he told Uncut Magazine in 2021. Landwerk No. 3 contains six new compositions across two LPs.  "Amid a buzzing scene of solo guitarists, Salsburg feels both like a figurehead and one of its most active players, with each new release offering a bright step forward." - Pitchfork