Skinhead - s/t

Humorously aggro and very much anti-racist (in case you were wondering) punk/hardcore for fans of Blood for Blood, Cro-Mags, Negative Approach and Slapshot. Possible members of Criminal Intent and Yellow Stitches, I think. Honestly, I don't know. They literally played one show (?) but are fucking awesome! 
"As far as I can tell, Skinhead is a one-man project from Criminal Intent drummer Skull, and it’s his vehicle to yell about all the acts of violence that he wants to commit against fake skinheads. I fucking love it. There are about a million objectionable things about “Dead Skinhead,” which is exactly what you’re thinking but which is also way, way better than you’re thinking. It’s juiced-up, catchy-as-fuck oi-influenced hardcore with a whole lot of cranked-up shouting about annihilating some poor fuck’s body and soul. It’s funny, but it’s not a joke" -stereogum
Side A - the EP "Skinhead"
1. Dead Skinhead
2. Soft Boiled
4. 1%er Skinhead
Side B - the EP "Fuck Fake Skins"
1. Fuck Fake Skins
2. Old English
3. U.N.S.H.
4. Bogo Skin