Opening Bell - Territorial Imperative II (Tape)

"...disembodied voices argue with themselves beneath spools of manipulated tape, strange electronics emit frequencies that bite the speakers that serve them, collapsing rhythms and mutating bass collide with jet-engine guitar emissions...all this in the name of "bunkerbeat", the tenebrous genre Opening Bell have chosen for themselves, or perhaps submitted to. The howled pleas and crumbling synthesized dirges somehow become more unsettling when more traditional instrumentation is employed(abused), taking the claustrophobic, unpredictable tone of previous effort "Accelerated Nepenthetude" to new depths.

Menacing dub, post-industrial droning, burned-out, inverted footwork/juke, doomed cut-up techniques, and kosmische dementia formulate the sonic landscape within which themes of personal loss sustained during ongoing plague years and worldwide system failure are explored. What is wrong with (these) people?"

-Dilly Lemallard, Ronkonkoma, NY 2021