Shipping policy

Orders will be dispatched 3-7 days after initial order. ilana generally ships out the items on Wednesdays and Saturdays but this is dependent on her current schedule. 

We DO NOT provide 1-2 day shipping. Even if a customer selects a shipping method that offers 1-2 day shipping, that turn around time cannot be guaranteed.  If there is a personal time constraint on your order, please place it in a timely manner with extra time (just in case) to make sure you receive your items when you require their arrival.

All orders will be sent out with a tracking number.

Please ensure you are shipping your item to the correct address. We cannot process refunds for items sent to the incorrect address.

Vinyl Fantasy cannot be held responsible for packages that are lost or damaged after they leave our possession. 

DO NOT select MEDIA MAIL for items other than BOOKS or RECORDS. Again, ONLYPURCHASES OF RECORDS and BOOKS can be sent via MEDIA MAIL. We will email you and ask that you Paypal/Venmo the difference.

If you select First Class Package, your order still adheres to the Wednesday / Saturday drop-off schedule.

Please understand that we are a very, very small business. It is one person that runs all of the incoming inventory management, ordering, website, social media, marketing, day-to-day operations and general organization of the brick-n-mortar store. This is a difficult, time consuming and, sometimes, thankless job. When you place an online order with us, please keep that in mind. Thank you.

We cannot guarantee package arrival before Christmas. Please place your orders in a timely manner with extra time to make sure you receive your items when you require their arrival.