DAUÐYFLIN / X2000 - Split (Tape)

"After share some stage in Scandinavia, X2000 (Sweden) and DAUÐYFLIN (Iceland), and made pogo punx jump in the pit, they bring the team together again for a split cassette! Both into Tupa-Tupa Dark HcPunk atmosphere, X2000 is more hypnotic drenched by chorus, while DAUÐYFLIN is more infused by noise!
Tupa-Tupa, Jump around, Jump up and get down!" -Symphony Of Destruction

Originally released on Symphony Of Destruction outta France, Iron Lung Records has finally made this essential piece of pogo noise available to a North American audience. We just had to. 200 pro-printed, purple shelled cassettes housed in a 5 panel J-Card sleeve inside a clear/clear norelco box. Mastered by Daniel Husayn. Art by Gabriela Ruiz.