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Erang - Imagination Never Fails (Red / Purple Vinyl)


The Kingdom of Erang is all my life and I put everything I have into it!
This album is a celebration of the power of the Imagination: it is my most evocative & most "visual" work to date. A true journey within the Kingdom of Erang & the Land of the Five Seasons. Each track was built like a mini-movie that takes place in a much bigger picture within my own world.
Musically, I've been inspired by the 70's aesthetic and it's a mix of many of my childhood & teen memories and influences: some are obvious, others more burried...

I've released my first album in 2012 and I have no words to thank you all for the positive feedback you give me since then.
It means the world to me: the Kingdom is Ours!

Note: as an artistic choice, this album was mixed & mastered to preserve the initial dynamic and the musical expression of each track... not to win the loudness war.

Limited to 300 copies on 140g red/purple vinyl in high quality full color jacket + black inner sleeve w/ w/ A3 poster (11.75" x 16.5") insert. Includes redemption card for Bandcamp streaming/download. Originally released Oct 2020.