Kill The Hippies - Special Master (Tape)

Eleven new tracks from this legendary Midwest punk rock band. “Are you sick of the trite? There is an illness called 'monotony of the beat'—KILL THE HIPPIES is infected but are taking medication. Deadpan is fine, but sometimes you gotta be dramatic. You are addicted to twitching / bopping / self abuse—so are we. Proficiency is not required. Speed is god but momentum is better. Anger is essential but it can’t be trusted.” Their first full length release since 2014, the band never stopped gigging—but eluded capture until now. Experience their genre defying sounds—all built from corroded heaps of real cool trash. For fans of: The Middle Class, The Avengers, Crucifucks, Sparks, The Spits, Personal Damage, False Prophets, The Bags, The Chats. Featuring Matt and Melissa of the Pleather Vegan Jerky empire