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Mat Ball - Amplified Guitar

The acoustic phenomenon of feedback is often taken for granted. But feedback is pretty remarkable, essentially self-generating, potentially endless, and––though unwieldy–– possible to control. As Montreal guitarist Mat Ball demonstrates, it is even possible to use feedback in the service of something elegant and soulful.
Amplified Guitar is Ball's first full-length solo recording. And though it isn't comprised entirely of feedback, it's helpful to think about it in these terms. Far from being a noise record, Amplified Guitar is an entirely musical and beautiful work and Ball's use of amplified resonance and feedback often mimics the long gestures and sustained tones of bowed or woodwind instruments. While listeners can enjoy Amplified Guitar at any volume, Ball was most assuredly turned way up when performing these pieces––each recorded in only one single take, live and unadorned, at Hotel2Tango in Montreal by Godspeed's Efrim Manuel Menuck.