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Nate Archer - Wild Tigers I Have Known: Original Soundtrack Recording

Nate Archer’s new score to his brother Cam’s celebrated 2006 feature film Wild Tigers I Have Known was conceived as radio transmissions coloring the emotional landscape of the confused adolescent protagonist, Logan. A mix of glittering synths, sampled voice, stark rhythm, and surreal moods, the tracks conjure a sense of “slight menace, or a slowly lifting veil,” as Logan wanders Santa Cruz suburbia, at the threshold of the wilderness of adulthood.
Archer’s background in basement psychedelia (Rahdunes) and leftfield tribal electronics (Leisure Connection) bleed through in the soundtrack’s disorienting diversity, alternately ominous and innocent, hedonistic and hallucinatory. These are less songs than wavelengths, as much internal as external, pulsing with the promise and pain of desires still unnamed, futures yet unknown.