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Original Art: Daniel Clowes (The Fantagraphics Studio Edition)


This collection of raw, un-retouched original art gives insight into the creative and drawing processes of the Academy Award-nominated, internationally acclaimed cartoonist behind Patience and Ghost World.

Original Art: Daniel Clowes turns the spotlight on one of the medium’s most dynamic creators. A vital entry of the Fantagraphics Studio Edition series, this volume draws from Clowes’s nearly 30 years of comics art, ranging from his seminal one-man anthology, Eightball (in which Ghost World was originally serialized), to his most recent graphic novel, 2016’s best-selling time travel thriller, Patience.

The edition features over 150 pages of art from 1989–present, each reproduced as exact facsimiles of the original to best showcase every detail of the artist’s cartooning process. The book also includes new covers, endpapers, and other surprises from Clowes, including five unpublished pages of an abandoned graphic novel and an illustrated glossary of obsolete production techniques used for their original publication. The book also includes several tipped-in pages of clear acetate and vellum to perfectly approximate some of these production processes, making this a one-of-a-kind art object. Carefully curated by the artist himself, many of these pages have hung in museums around the country, and now you can enjoy them in your own library.

Four-color reproductions throughout.