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Sandman Book Vol 3

Michael WM. Kaluta Cover

Volume 3 - 1st printing. Collects The Sandman (1989-1996 2nd Series) #38-56 and a story from Vertigo Preview (1992).

Written by Neil Gaiman. Art by Bryan Talbot, Shea Anton Pensa, Tony Harris, Michael Zulli, Gary Amaro, Steve Leialoha, Alec Stevens, Michael Allred, P. Craig Russell, John Walkiss, Jill Thompson, Duncan Eagleson, Kent Williams, Mark Buckingham, Vince Locke, and Dick Giordano. Cover by Michael WM. Kaluta.

Centuries ago, one of the Endless gave up his duties and left his realm, never to be seen again. Now on a mission to find their missing sibling, Delirium and Dream encounter immortal humans and various deities as they try to locate the prodigal Destruction. But as their adventure draws Dream into a final, tragic confrontation with his son Orpheus, the eternal being learns the true meaning of fate and consequences.

Neil Gaimans epic continues!

Softcover, 520 pages, full color. Mature Readers