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Skyminds - Terra Preta (Tape)


The third and latest offering from Sean Conrad and Michael Henning’s Bay Area devotional duo Skyminds spans six years of steady freeform collaboration, meeting weekly for reflective, contemplative improvisations at the axis of new age noir, prayer rug jazz, and twilit ambient. The patience of their process is self-evident: this is music of shade, shimmer, and hush, divined as much as designed.

Terra Preta threads twelve tracks across a full hour, unfurling a grand, glimmering vision of cloaked alchemy and quiet raptures. Conrad speaks of their music as seeking a sensation “of the moment” – amber-frozen synchronicities of texture and timing, beyond what either player can control or recreate. Keys, synths, strings, percussion, and FX trace vibrational gradients through clear water and changing light, attuned to camouflaged currents in a deepening dusk.