Van Dyke Parks - Arrangements Vol. 1

This new compilation is presented by VAN DYKE PARK’s Bananastan label. All of the tracks on this album, by a diverse range of artists, have one thing in common: they were arranged by Van Dyke Parks. This compilation covers Parks’ first solo recordings through the classic creative period of Warner Brothers, where his arrangements and production can be found throughout the roster. Including both rare sides and hit records, Van Dyke’s touch can be heard throughout these fine tracks. From the mid sixties through the early seventies, this new compilation contains 15 classics appearing together on one album for the first time. From the earliest work of RY COODER to classic LITTLE FEAT; BONNIE RAIT’s calypso to ARLO GUTHRIE’s gospel; THE MOJO MEN’s psychedelic sounds to six rare or unreleased Van Dyke Parks solo recordings; from DINO MARTIN JR.’s hot reggae to BEAU BRUMMELS’ SAL VALENTINO’s and Little Feat’s LOWELL GEORGE solo sides; these 15 songs all have the arranging imprint of the great Van Dyke Parks. Received an 8.6 Best New Reissue rating from Pitchfork.