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Vukari - Omnes Nihil

Rare is the occurrence around Hated One’s home fires that an EP earns a standalone review, but when twenty-five minutes of music is this spectacular, this entrancing, and this ferocious, then there is no other option than to shine a blazing spotlight upon it, no? 
Grimmer, darker, and heavier than anything Vukari has released before, Omnes Nihil contains four unrelenting tracks that seem to have fully shed any pretense of atmospherics or post-metal… and the result? Only one of the most killer melodic USBM releases that Hated One has heard in a long, long time. 
From stem to stern, nose to tail, Omnes Nihil is sheer perfection. Perfectly written, conceived, and (self-)produced (by bassist Spenser Morris), there really isn’t one thing that Hated One can find to fault with this astounding EP. 
Each composition has its own unique feel and mood, and yet all four mesh perfectly together to form a cohesive whole that is far greater than the sum of its parts. From the addictively riff-driven—and perfectly titled—opening track 'Despondent' to the cumbrous title-track 'Omnes Nihil,' and from the brusque offering 'The Weight of Dejection' to the epic closer 'Saturn in the Eighth House,' Vukari’s Omnes Nihil is a release that no metalhead should miss hearing, EP or not."—Hated One