Adolescents - Complete Demos 1980-1986


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The title of this 16-song collection, Complete Demos 1980-1986 -- clocking in, as true short-sharp-blasts of hardcore should, at just under a half-hour -- might lead you to believe it's less focused on a certain time frame than it really is. Although it was recorded between 1980 and 1986, all but three of the tracks were done between March 1980 and July 1980. In essence, then, it's like hearing an unreleased Adolescents debut album with three bonus tracks, as all of the 1980 recordings predate their actual 1981 self-titled debut (also referred to among the faithful as "the blue album"). Seven of the songs on the 1980 demos (which include two versions of "Wrecking Crew") would be redone for The Adolescents, so as you'd expect, they're very much in the early Southern Californian hardcore style of the official album. 

Frontier Reissue

A1 We Can't Change The World
A2 Black Sheep
A3 Growing Up Today
A4 We Rule And You Don't
A5 I Hate Children
A6 No Friends
A7 Who Is Who
A8 Wrecking Crew
B1 Wrecking Crew
B2 Creatures
B3 Amoeba
B4 Self Destruct
B5 Do The Eddie
B6 Richard Hung Himself
B7 The Liar
B8 The Peasant Song