Blasphemy - Gods of War (Tape)


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Sometimes overshadowed by the masterful Fallen Angel of Doom LP, Blasphemy’s second and final album, Gods of War, is no less a masterpiece. As often happens to bands that are ahead of their time and don’t fall in line with the trends of their day, Blasphemy suffered setbacks following the release of their debut—most notably was the acrimonious relationship between the band and Wild Rags records. Although Fallen Angel of Doom sold very well, Blasphemy received virtually no royalties from the label, and the band sought out a new label to release its sophomore album. Having already released some of the most significant Black Metal albums of the early 1990s, Osmose was a promising choice for Blasphemy, and a deal was made. In the fall of 1992, Blasphemy returned to Fiasco Bros. studio, this time with a larger budget than they had available for their previous recordings. The immediate force of the Gods of War album is undeniable. At just over 20 minutes in length, it is as succinct and powerful a statement as any Black Metal.