Flying Lotus - Los Angeles LP


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In the aftermath of the Los Angeles LP, Flying Lotus set out his stall at the vanguard of new bass music, remixed the likes of Stereolab and Radiohead and became a regular fixture in 2008s end of year polls.Now, with L.A. EP 3 X 3, the third and final piece of the accompanying EP series, FlyLo and a few friends explore the psychedelic ambience and dream-like elegance that brought such a vital depth to the albums soul.Two new Flying Lotus compositions, Endless White and Spin Cycles display his deft touch and unrivalled eye for beauty. Breakages Testament turns Gonjasufis quiet desperation into a tribal battle cry. But it is perhaps the collaboration with harpist Rebecca Raff that is most striking, revisioning Aunties Harp into a swirling symphony of rolling arpeggios and piercing electronics.Alongside the EP, Lotus is preparing two of his quickly-becoming-legendary Brainfeeder events, first in Barcelona and then back to where it began, a secret (but familiar) venue in London. Details and full lineups below:Stay tuned for the Flying Lotus DJ Kicks and new video soon.