Fugazi - Repeater


This is Fugazi's first full-length record, released in 1990.

Fugazi was founded by Ian Mackaye after the dissolution of hardcore punk pioneers Minor Threat. The sound of Repeater took what made Minor Threat great, the DIY ethos and raw energy and developed it, with some superb interplay between guitar and rhythm section and politically charged lyrics. Repeater melodically is bass driven, taking some cues from post-punk in this respect, with intricate bass hooks from Joe Lally defining the majority of the songs here. Indeed it's the rhythm section that kick the album off in "Turnover" with a bass arpeggio that forms the basis of the song. While the guitar takes over in this instance to provide the main riff, "Turnover" shows that Fugazi's brand of punk utilises all of the main rock instruments, and not just in a way that simply is a band playing as loudly and fast as possible.