Gevurah - Hallelujah!

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The Canadian religious black metal enigma GEVURAH have slowly been shaping their ritualistic blueprint on virulent spiritual black metal sophistication for several years, giving the duo of GEVURAH, consisting of X.T. (vocals/all instruments/production) and A.L. (guitars/bass), a reputation as one Canada’s most promising black metal prospects. With their debut full-length album “Hallelujah!” (which follows their well received “Necheshirion” EP from 2013 and features the incredible transcendent art of Denis Forkas), GEVURAH’s awareness will be felt throughout the black metal underground as a formidable and spiritual force within it.

Through “Hallelujah!”, GEVURAH have unearthed an overwhelming layered black metal masterwork through seven massive epochal hymns that encompass a furious, dark, and unforgiving nature to them while at the same time harness a sophistication and complexity through this unparalleled vision of otherworldly spiritual black metal levitation