Miserable - Loverboy / Dog Days


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"There are very few artist who let their guard down enough for us to capture them in a moment, let alone two moments. Miserable delivers us a raw yet smooth glimpse into  Kristina Esfandiari’s psyche on Lover Boy / Dog Days.

These two EPS released by Miserable debut on Sargent House Records. Lover Boy offers up four brand new songs, while Dog Days  is a re-release of an EP from 2015.

I love this format. I love that we get to hear two batches of songs written at different times, in possibly two or three different places.  Lover Boy contains music that is just as dark as Miserable’s past efforts on Uncontrollable, but far, far more driving. The drums sit atop the recordings in a way that truly transforms Miserable from a downward, depressive spiral into a manic, driving cohesion.

Dog Days, on the other hand, feels more like Uncontrollable’s  poppy b-sides. The delivery is more soaked in reverb and effects, giving us songs that feel completely in opposition to former side of the EP. This batch of songs is even uplifting at times, with tracks like “High” and “Kiss.” Dog Days is the not so distant dream pop cousin of  Lover Boy.

Lover Boy / Dog Days gives us the dark and the pop, sometimes at the same time, and this release has left me wanting more of each side. I would love to hear Miserable expand more on this EP, but I also love the idea that this record is a date stamp in the lifespan of Miserable that seems to be finding its stride nicely." --New Noise Magazine