Morbid Evils - Deceases


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"Never underestimate the power of hatred. Morbid Evils channel so much of the stuff during Deceases that it’s amazing anyone survived the recording process without combusting. The trio’s debut, In Hate With The Burning World, was bleak and bilious enough, but this second outing makes the first sound almost jaunty. Divided into six “cases”, this languorous but scabby-knuckled spewing of bitterness goes far beyond cosy notions of sepia-tinted doom metal or Eyehategod-style swamp boogie and into the kind of nightmarish auditory realms that birthed the likes of Swans’ immortal Cop or the first Khanate album. Sonicallysharp but raw and twisted, the likes of Case III – Evaporate would verge on hypnotic psychedelia were it not for that ever-blazing core of incensed disgust and the fact that Morbid Evils are one of the most obscenely heavy bands on the planet."