Outer Heaven - Realms of Eternal Decay


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Conjured in the backwoods of Pennsylvania, Death Metal newcomers OUTER HEAVEN spew forth their long-awaited debut album Realms of Eternal Decay. Across 10 tracks and 30+ minutes of grotesque, groove-laden old-school Death Metal, OUTER HEAVEN immediately raise the bar for the new generation of extreme bands. Its grimy, aggressive Death Metal done right, with just the slightest bit of doom and technical aspects for good measure. Bringing a horror and sci-fi feel through a loost store of a bacterial infection that causes the planets inhabitants to hallucinate and hav a lust for murdering and consuming each other, the record delivers an interesting narrative that enhances each of the songs. 

Realms of Eternal Decay was produced by Kevin Bernsten (Skeletonwitch, Full of Hell, Integrity) at Developing Nations Studios mixed and mastered by Arthur Rizk (Cavalera Conspiracy, Inquisition, Pissgrave). Features sickening cover artwork by Matthew Stikker (Power Trip).


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