6th Circle - Pacified / Conjuring


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Finally and for the first time ever on vinyl, the 2018 tracks that sanctioned the birth of one of America’s most exciting new electro-industrial acts. Sentient Ruin is honored to bring you this glorious limited edition 12" vinyl compilation comprising all tracks from 6th Circle’s first two cassette releases. Both released in quick sequence back in 2018, the “Pacified” and “Conjuring” cassette EPs immediately revealed the sheer depth and dimension of 6th Circle’s vision and sanctioned the birth and rise of one of America's most exciting and promising new post-inudustrial acts. The two releases introduced multi-instrumentalist and sole mastermind Matt Auxier condensing years of concepts and ideas into eleven jagged cuts of anarchist and satanist post-industrial insurrectionism that explore deviant electronic dance music, dark movie soundtracks, and the most extreme fringes of punk, goth, and darkwave at their most aberrant and confrontational states, channeling with incredible craftsmanship and imagination the golden era of the genre first conceptualized in the late 80s and early 90s with cornerstone works by acts like Skinny Puppy and Front Line Assembly. The eleven origin tracks show 6th Circle pushing the genre's boundaries in multiple directions, reimagining the style altogether, and making the past and present of electronic industrial collide into an abrasive and pitch black synthesis of infectiously catchy beats, scathing vocals, apocalyptic atmospheres, and hypnotic distorted soundscapes that perfectly embody the archetypal post-industrial sonic dystopia.