Abhorrency - MMXX 7"


"Sacramento’s bestial black/death masters Defecrator recently went on indefinite hiatus, but from their ashes an uglier, more barbaric entity has risen in the form of Abhorrency.  The band just posted their debut demo on Bandcamp earlier this month and rest assured it’s some seriously gnarly black shit. Clocking in at just eleven minutes, Abhorrency waste no time in submerging the listener’s ears in murky, filth-ridden death-clatter.  The three tracks on display here recall the likes of Archgoat, Beherit and Sadomator and serve to give a good idea of what the trio are all about.  Bludgeoning, bulldozing and raw as hell, the demo is a solid mission statement from a band that has the potential to carve out its own blackened and bestial niche in the Northern California metal scene and beyond. The only fault to be found with Demo MMXX is that it’s painfully short; once it’s over you immediately find yourself wanting to hear more of this unholy sonic smut and one can only assume that future Abhorrency recordings will be even more hellish and violent as the band continues to (d)evolve.  Fans of black/death metal at it’s most disgustingly primitive need to get their grubby fuckin’ claws on this as soon as possible." - ThatsHowKidsDie


1. Choked Upon The Pentagram
2. Perverse Serpentine Invocation
3. Feces Aspergillum