American Football - LP2 (180gram Orange Vinyl)


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Going toe to toe with a fiercely beloved, landmark debut, it holds its own. The scrappiness of the debut album is lost on tighter musicianship and softer vocals ironed out by Kinsella’s years of experience in Owen, but the ever-present autumnal sadness coursing through “My Instincts Are the Enemy,” “I’ve Been Lost for So Long,” and “I Need a Drink (or Two or Three)” is textbook American Football. LP2 is a tighter, more mature and delicate record-Vulture

Listening to LP2 is like revisiting an old wound — the kind that hurts so good. Itâs a nostalgic indulgence that wears its weariness through a faint smile, acknowledging the way our new faults are sometimes the same as the old ones.-NPR