Apprentice Destroyer - Permanent Climbing Monolith


Quad guitar esoteric overtone rock
Initially a solo vehicle for songwriter and multi-Instrumentalist STEVE PEACOCK (ULTHAR, PANDISCORDIAN NECROGENESIS, MASTERY), APPRENTICE DESTROYER's first album Glass Ceiling Universe (Castle Face 2015) weaved an eclectic, driving soundtrack akin to analog Berlin school krautrock. With the recent expansion of four lead guitarists (including members of VASTUM, ULTHAR and PALE CHALICE), modular synthesis and pummeling live percussion, AD's new album and live shows have developed into an exercise of harmonic overtone experimentation. It's heavy feedback laden melodies, cavernous vocals, and repetitive rhythmic fervor share dynamics with '70s synth prog / punishing noise rock and prepared garage guitar academia. All Guitars and Drums for Permanent Climbing Monolith were captured live at Different Fur studios in San Francisco, and mastered for vinyl by JAMES PLOTKIN.