Blasphemy - Live Ritual - Friday the 13th (Tape)


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The infamous live recording from July 31, 2001 from the most infamous black metal cult to ever have arisen. Originally a joint release with War Hammer Records, 666 copies of “Live Ritual” were pressed, with 100 on red vinyl, which would serve as the primary component in a more limited die-hard edition that also included, among other exclusive items, a CDR of a Blasphemy rehearsal that took place later that summer. Approximately seventeen years and several hundred other releases later, “Live Ritual” has become one of the rarest and most sought-after of all NWN releases, and so the time has come for a repress of this historic album. The audio has undergone an additional round of mastering at the hands of James Plotkin to remove the distracting preamble and improve the overall sound.