Brontez Purnell - White Boy Music (Tape)


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Straight to the point punk rock from Oaklands own Brontez Purnell. An old-fashioned DIY pop song aesthetic dominates here and to devastating effect- as upbeat and catchy as it is haunting “WHITE BOY MUSIC” still has enough jagged flow and layered harmonies to remind you that is still very much the work of a DIY punk maestro blasting through pop-songs. Rock and roll is of course long long looooooooooooooong dead, (and good riddance!) but it seems that Purnell seeks to be the graveyard dweller who will inherit the bones. Long after his naked go-go boy days in punk electro outfit “Gravy Train!!!” and in between his current band “The Younger Lovers” next LP, Brontez gives us his first ever solo music. Unabashed and straight up, you need to hear this.