C4 - Chaose Streaks 12"


The longest song on Chaos Streaks, the debut LP from the Boston band C4, is called “Crashin’ The Party,” and it’s 112 seconds long, some of which is given over to a sample of the drill sergeant yelling in Full Metal Jacket. The shortest song on the album is simply called “C-4” — C4 are inconsistent on whether or not they use that hyphen — and it lasts a whole four seconds. Half of that song is a drummer’s count-off, and the other half is singer O-Zone bellowing the phrase “suck my nuts.” This is that kind of album.

Despite the extreme brevity of their songs, C4 are not a powerviolence band. Instead, C4’s style is classic Boston knucklehead fight music. C4 don’t even play fast all the time; sometimes, there’s a serious stomp-you-out groove to their mission. But C4 aren’t into overstaying their welcome. Instead, they bulldoze their way in, wreck everything in your house, and then immediately bounce. - Stereogum