Chepang / Yautja - Split 7" (Translucent Orange/Opaque Blue Heavy Splatter)


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Chepang has been ripping IMMIGRINDCORE collective from the streets of Kathmandu, Nepal to NYC . Utterly unbound and obliterating all boundaries and facets of extreme music, borders and nationalism since 2016.

"There are some bands whose new music is a true cause for celebration. Global grind outfit Chepang and sludgy math-violence masterminds Yautja are two such bands. Since the release of their debut, Lathi Charge, in 2016, Chepang has received universal acclaim for their innovative approach to what they call “immigrindcore,” which draws on their experiences in Kathmandu, Nepal as well as their experiences in the states. In 2020 particularly, the band established itself as one of the most forward-thinking teams in grindcore. Building on the collaborative spirit embodied by and on relationships built with Takafumi Matsubara‘s Strange, Beautiful, and Fast, Chepang’s 2020 LP Chatta drafted talent from extreme and inventive musicians from all over the world, combining “world music” and grind in the way that Bill Laswell and Zakir Hussain combined it with dub with their project Tabla Beat Science. To further their “it’s a small world” grind agenda, Chepang and their Queens-based collective known as the Gurkha Commando Blast Team planned and produced one of 2020’s most exciting digital events: the Global Grindcore Alliance Virtual Festival, which enlisted bands from 12 countries to celebrate global harmony through aural dissonance, and to demonstrate the paradox that, during a time when most people are confined to their living rooms when we haven’t seen anyone’s nose in person for a year, we are more connected than ever. A band with similar social and creative ambitions, Nashville’s Yautja are able smiths, bending genres with great care and musicianship. Their artistry is impressive and effortless, which is to be expected, as the three heads of the Yautja Cerberus are all veterans of some of the more well-respected bands in the last decade-or-so of heavy music, with names like Gnarwhal, Thirdface, Coliseum, Sallow, Choking on Ash, and Thou on their collective resume. With their groundbreaking debut LP, Songs of Descent, and its subsequent companion EP, Songs of Lament, the band cemented itself as a vital voice in heavy music, combining sludge, grindcore, hardcore, and math rock in a sturdy balance of headiness and viscerality that appealed to people who wanted something intellectually stimulating and to those who just wanted to smash sweaty strangers with their elbows and foreheads. They followed these with two explosive splits, one with Milwaukee’s Enabler and one with Boston doom-sludge maestros Fórn. Following the former’s abuse scandal and resultant banishment from the scene, Yautja repurposed the songs for 2017’s universally lauded Dead Soil, the majority of the proceeds from which went to Community Advocates and Women’s Centers of Milwaukee and Nashville. For fans of grind around the world, this split is something of a dream lineup, a meeting-of-the-minds of two bands who are redefining extreme music by coloring outside the lines, tearing up the pages, and making origami with the scraps. The songs on this split are a masterclass in all that can be done when ego and pretense are set aside and a passion for the creative process takes their place." - Cvlt Nation

LIMITED 300 GCBT Exclusive Pressing of 300 Translucent Orange/Opaque Blue Heavy
Splatter (Label Exclusive)