Corey Flood- Hanging Gardens ( Light Pink Vinyl )


Inspired by Throwing Muses, Helium, Pale Saints, and Brix Smith-Start’s work with the Fall, Hanging Garden, the debut album from Philadelphia based Corey Flood reflects “a reckoning with internal discord.” From the surface, its nine tracks appear to break through the dark fog of the Wish You Hadn’t EP, but just below lay themes of ambivalence, uncertainty, and anxiety, layered elegantly in fuzz. Soft melodies, lush guitars, and churning rhythms shroud relatable tales of gaslighting and self-doubt. Playful surprises also abound, like 70s krautrock guitar work and samba-influenced drum parts. Hanging Garden was recorded at Headroom Studios in Philadelphia, PA by Jackie Milestone, mixed by Natasha Jacobs and mastered by Sarah Register and will be out September 4th 2020 on Fire Talk.

Vinyl is on Light Pink