The Cramps - Smell of Female


Reissue of this album from the mutant primal Rock 'n' Roll dynamos. Released in 1983 after a lengthy court battle with IRS Records, SMELL OF FEMALE originally contained just the first six songs. These, plus out-of-control ad-lib freakouts 'Beautiful Gardens' and 'She Said' (previously omitted due to legal restrictions) were recorded live at New York's famous Peppermint Lounge. There is nothing like the sound of The Cramps, and this set distills that cross of swamp water, moonshine and nitro down to a dangerous and unstable musical substance, captured live like a crazed animal. They rocked like few others could. Additional bonus track 'Surfin' Dead' was recorded at A&M Studios in Hollywood and originally appeared on the 1984 soundtrack for Return of the Living Dead - when asked to write a pop song for the movie, The Cramps (by then a three-piece) threw into their cauldron a mix of Link Wray, Jan & Dean, Davie Allen, the Righteous Brothers, bongos, Phil Spector and eye of newt.