Dagger Dagger: Dark Fantasy and Sci-fi Comic Book Anthology


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Dagger Dagger is a pulpy magazine size (8"x10") book with over 180 Pages of Dark Fantasy/Sci-fi goodness brought to you by:

Zé Burnay • Matt Emmons • Marie Enger • Maxime Gérin • Goran Gligovic • Al Gofa •  Leslie Hung • Tyler Landry • Vlad Legostaev • Sloane Leong • Matt Lesniewski • Trey M Patterson • Sophie Margolin • Simon Roy • Linnea Sterte •  Artyom Trakhanov • Alexis Ziritt

Each creator's story will average 10 - 12 pages, with a few stories winding up around 20 pages. We wanted to give people as much space as they're comfortable with telling their story.