Daniel Carter / Patrick Holmes / Matthew Putman / Hilliard Greene / Federico Ughi - Telepathic Mysteries Vol. 1


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The Telepathic Band is named after the sort of improvisational style that can only be accomplished with a decade or two of collaboration, playing a signature ghostly, boundary-pushing music between friends. In their fourth album, Daniel Carter, Patrick Holmes, Matthew Putman, Hilliard Greene, and Federico Ughi exemplify the possibilities of in-person improvisation, offering extemporized performances with their characteristically daring instrumentation. Telepathic Mysteries, Vol. 1 maintains their comfortable, imaginative style while marking a shift in their sound towards more classical and orchestral influences, and emphasizing an increased focus on negative space than in previous projects. Performed in NYC's oldest recording studio, the songs meander between wistful melodies and tense interludes, with palpable transitions between musicians—in an age of social distancing, this record promises to bring you right into the room with them.