Dead Kennedys - In God We Trust

This is a Dead Kennedys EP. Its pretty good. Its punk. Jello Biafra does his Jello thing. This guy is just not happy about the state of American politics. Its got "Nazi Punks Fuck Off". Its a classic. You know, theres a 7 inch with that song on it but maybe you want more? Yeah, you do. You should buy this album. Or not. $22... you might be able to buy a full album for that price but that albums not gonna have "Nazi Punks Fuck Off" which is a strangely relevant song these days. Man, what the fuck is going on with this country? Bet Jello thought this sorta shit would be resolved by 2020. Bet that dude is tired as fuck. It was pretty funny when Jello turned up in 'The Last Black Man in San Francisco' as a yuppie tour guide. I think he was riding a Segway. Remember when those were going to be the future of transportation? Anyway, Nazi Punks Fuck Off. Classic.