Decoherence - Unitarity (Clear Red Vinyl)


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Multinational industrial atmospheric black metal entity Decoherence return with their mind-altering sophomore LP "Unitarity", once again exploring through sound realms of the incomprehensible that lie far beyond human existence and understanding, in remote and alien corners of the cosmos were unimaginable cataclysms, and creation/destruction events of harrowing apocalyptic proportions dominate an immense lifeless void where light is cyclically and eternally torn and devoured. Figuratively placed at the center of this alien and incomprehensible plane of existence lies the music of Decoherence, an hallucinogenic architectural distortion of shapeshifting dark matter in which cold industrial tapestries, surreal and alien atmospheres and walls of mangled guitars and oppressive electronics design the erratic and twisting trajectories of the universe's most hidden and ungraspable abominations.