Eyes Of The Lord - Misery Feels Like Home


"Bruce LePage used to be the frontman for the Connecticut band 100 Demons, whose 2000 album In The Eyes Of The Lord was a landmark of metallic hardcore. 100 Demons are apparently still going, but LePage isn’t in the band anymore. Instead, these days, LePage is leading a newer band called Eyes Of The Lord, which also features members of likeminded bands like Twitching Tongues, God’s Hate, and the Midnight Sons. Eyes Of The Lord released their debut EP Call It War a couple of years ago, and today, they follow it up with Misery Feels Like Home, their first full-length. It fucking rips.

Eyes Of The Lord make titanic, juddering hardcore — huge, shouty, riff-heavy, groove-driven stuff. Sometimes, they lurch up a couple of gears, play really fast, and transform into thrash. Sometimes, they lapse into ominous instrumentals, which just means they snap your neck that much harder when the next riff locks in. The album’s got some great production from guitarist Taylor Young, and it truly sounds titanic. This is some brutally effective brick-to-the-face music" - Stereogum


Red white and blue striped vinyl