Fela Kuti - Open & Close


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Open & Close - An almost fully-formed Afrobeat album, Open And Close is part focused on the dancefloor, part on African liberation. The title tune is a simple exhortation to dance, with instructions on how to perform Fela's choreography. On a more serious note, "Gbagada Gbagada Gbogodo Gbogodo" tells the story of the Egba people's armed resistance to invading British colonialists. Afrodisiac - The best known song on Afrodisiac is "Jeun K’oku," a satire about gluttony (an indulgence only available to prosperous Africans). Originally recorded as a single in 1970, it had given Fela his first major hit. In Broken English, the title translates as "chop and quench," which means "eat and die" in Standard English. It is a stonking dance track. The most enduring piece, however, may prove to be the closing "Je'Nwi Temi" ("don't gag me"), a critique of the Nigerian political / military establishment and a defence of free speech