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Glyders - Maria's Hunt


Formed in 2014 in Chicago by partners Joshua Condon and Eliza Weber, Glyders have kept busy, lighting up shows around town and country ever since then with their mystery sound, on the road when and where they could from here to Europe, taking time also to self-release a couple of EPs (“DIM” and “Lend a Hand”) whose high lonesome wack promised that a full length would be a real trip. Whether you knew it or not, here it comes now—you’re right in the path of Maria’s Hunt. Fueled by Josh’s spectral vocals and the liquidity created by his guitar and Eliza’s bass, Glyders’ mazy spacecraft takes to the air from the empty parking lot out back of the roadhouse and finds in its arc an anodyne of the trippy and the wiggy / ghostly places lost and found. Glyders have it both ways, rocking the white line with fervor but also stopping to soak up the fragrance of the purple sage and the queen of the night by the side of the road