Golden Hallway Music - Rules & Chance Vol. 2 (Tape)


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The latest by urban kosmische keyboardist Zack Tornaben aka Golden Hallway Music is a full eclectic hour of voyaging inner-harmony themes and meditations, recorded across the pandemic winter in the hallway of his Manhattan apartment. Utilizing his signature rig of a 1968 electric combo organ and primitive drumbox run through a two-machine tape delay, the songs spiral, slipstream, and shimmer, equal parts open road and cosmic ascension.  Rules & Chance Vol. 2 is the sequel to last summer's Vol. 1, expanding the lexicon with foggy ragas, highway hymns, and East River devotionals, inspired by longs walks and drives around the city, upstate, and down through the Great Smoky Mountains. Tornaben cites a sphere of historic modal keys masters as influences, from Ethiopian experts to Italian minimalists and new age time travelers, but ultimately the wavelength he channels is one unmistakably his own – music of return, reflection, and repose, “live from the fantasy country, in the quiet of the night.”