GWAR: The Enormogantic Fail


To get into the Master's good graces, the Destructo brothers have trapped GWAR in order to interrogate them to find the key to destroying Cardinal Syn once and for all. Will Sawborg and Bozo Destructo get the answers they need? Can GWAR escape their clutches? Will Cardinal Syn destroy them all? And what really happened when GWAR were banished to earth? All will be revealed in GWAR: The Enormogantic Fail, a new graphic novel from legendary rock band GWAR and Renegade Arts Entertainment. Told in a Rashomon-style (same story told from different, unreliable, and self-serving perspectives, to humorous effect) telling of the destruction of the planet Flab Quarv 7 and GWAR's subsequent banishment to Earth/destruction of dinosaurs/creation of humans/freezing in Antarctica, as narrated by 6 of the current GWAR characters as they're interrogated by Sawborg and Bozo Destructo. Written by Matt Maguire and Matt Miner, with art by some of the greatest comic creators this side of Flab Quarv 7, hand-picked by GWAR themselves, including Matt Maguire, Liana Kangas, Lukasz Kowalczuk, Matt Lejeune, Katie Longua, Jeff Martin, Kelly Williams and Josh Jensen.