Hexerei - Ancient Evil Spirits


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Berserk Finnish raw black metal disease HEXEREI bring us their venom-soaked debut full-length abomination Ancient Evil Spirits, a deranged aural gateway to unseen depths of madness and total hell that will reshape the listener's idea of terror and toss them into the outermost circles of insanity. Comprising of four primordial stabs of blown out homicidal cacophony, Ancient Evil Spirits overboils from the witches cauldron like an acid-drenched conjuration, invoking ancient evil forces, uncontrolled hysteria, and malignant curses to torment the listener with merciless violence and abandon. Reminiscent in its malevolence and primeval cruelty to ancient black metal cults like Darkthrone, Mayhem, Cultes Des Ghoules, and Katharsis, Hexerei push the limits of pestilent black metal even further and redefine the very concept of total aural filth by working the formula into a wider and more derailing canvas, with lengthier compositions, an even more perverse emphasis on primitivism, and a more unpredictable and erratic songwriting that has unearthed truly unsettling and terrifying new manifestations of this ancient and wicked aural craft.