Isenordal - Shores Of Mourning (180 gram)


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The collective that is Isenordal orchestrates it's songs beyond a typical rock setting with female and male voices as well as several acoustic instruments that bind themselves to the principle of duality on many levels. Their compositions can be both light-hearted and abysmal while all the beauty and joy are emitted by an "outside-world" rich of nature. On "Shores Of Mourning," originally released in 2017 as a study in loss, "a cry for a long-absent sunrise over a sorrowful and chaotic plane,", Isenordal play indulgent folk with grim black metal undertones, draggin the listener into the vast wilderness of their home region, the Pacific North West. With songs both abysmal and light-hearted, Isenordal seem to emit nature's joyous beauty and darkness from an introspective hell at the same time, molten together into a record of cathartic fire and sincere intent