Japanese Torture Comedy Hour - Harsh Noise Nōkabe


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Jay Randall brings Japanese Torture Comedy Hour into the new decade with pummeling and unforgiving ferocity. Originally active in the mid-90s alongside his Agoraphobic Nosebleed bandmate, Scott Hull, the JTCH name has always operated with the purpose of pushing all extremes to their absolute breaking point. Whereas past works showcased a more frantic and fast-moving style, "Harsh Noise Nōkabe" finds the project in its "fourth season" of activity as a pulsating wall of synth noise with very limited "commercial breaks," thus taking the project name and pushing it into the territory of an endurance exercise in sound. Releasing this project brings me great personal pride, as Japanese Torture Comedy Hour was undoubtedly the very first noise project I ever heard, dating all the way back to my high school days. "Harsh Noise Nōkabe" is a true return to form for this legendary project.
released March 10, 2021

Japanese Torture Comedy Hour
Season 4, Episode 2 - "Harsh Noise Nōkabe"

Taped live, before a studio audience, November 20, 2020
Presented here with limited editing, and commercial interruption