K.P.G. & Lance Cashman - Yes, death is afraid of us

An All-Jersey slugfest is going down on this split, featuring KPG & Lance Cashman. Providing some "kind" words on the release is Nick Bruncati (Hysteria, Screwicide, Blemish):

"Pfffft 'Skin Pig'... The only pig that fucker has skinned is a over a rack of ribs at Big Ed's! I'll be real Ken you coulda skinned 5 minutes off this track. "Where is it safe?" Well given that Mr. Cashman likes pop punk, it's definitely not in his record collection! Regardless, if you like eerie creaks, synthesized wails, grinding metal, and haunting field recordings... pick this album up NOW! This is a NIGHTMARISH DISHARMONY that will leave you craving MORE from this gruesome twosome."