King Azaz - Forever Green (Tape)

Philly dynamic duo King Azaz is an explosion of punk catharsis, a guitar-and-drum ensemble that crawls through the wreckage and debris of the aftermath of Generation X lethargy colliding with millennial frustrations of a future lost. Christo (gutiar/vox) and Sarah (drums) beat a path to the still-beating, still rebellious, still longing hearts of burnouts, cynics, and jaded, desperate punks clamoring for sonic guidance-- a generation that missed out on the open-carry Doc Martens and flannel nihilism of the no-future, a generation that had to raise itself on mall emo and Avril Lavine mp3s. If their past records, Tunnels and Spirit Mundi were explorations in and heavy homages to ‘90’s grunge and noise-rock, with Forever Green the band has simultaneously expanded (on songs like “Paulie”, with its lulling rhythmic dreaminess) and imploded (with tracks like “Let Yourself Out”, a caustic, blazing siren-wail of a post-punk burner) spiky haired and wide-eyed ideas.