Limbs Bin/Epiklesis - Split (Tape)


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The desultory harsh screaking feedbacks, droning oscillation surges and spastic outbursts of LIMBS BIN will mush your brains until it’s seeping out.
The auditory violence captured here is from a live performance that displays the unmatched brutality that can only be enjoyed by the sickest.

If the lord were to speak to you, would you be able to comprehend the divine voice? That is EPIKLESIS. A 10-minute meditative transmission for you to pray on.

If the split tape's cover doesn't serve as a warning, it's odor should raise another red flag that this isn't for you.
Are you sure you are up for this, knowing what fate awaits you?

This release is SCENTED. The scent is "Burnt Corpse" and it comes double bagged.