Lone Sloane Boxed Set

A stunning new boxed set collecting the first 3 books in Titan Comics’ Druillet Library. Lone Sloane is Druillet’s tortured hero, traveling the galaxy for an answer to the mysteries of the universe and his soul.
This boxed set is ideal for any fans of Druillet wanting to complete their collection or fans of classic science fiction graphic novels wanting to broaden their graphic novel horizon.
Includes 3 unique art cards!
This boxed set collects:
The 6 Voyages of Lone Sloane
It's been 800 years since a catastrophic event called the ""Great Fear"". Lone Sloane, a rebel and a troubled space traveller, is captured by an entity called ""He Who Seeks"", after his space ship is destroyed. The entity transports him to different dimensions, where he must fight for his life, as he finds himself caught in an intergalactic struggle between space pirates, gigantic robots, dark gods and other-dimensional entities.
Lone Sloane: Delirius
Lone Sloane is still stuck on the planet aptly named Delirius, He seems ever destined to battle against evil in this world. As the world is called to war, will he be able stay away? His adventures will force Lone Sloane to accept his destiny and prepare himself for the battle with his enemy, the tyrant Shaan, the Emperor of all the galaxies..
Lone Sloane: Gail
Following on from his adventures in Lone Sloane: Delirius, Sloane finds himself captured and sent to a prison planet, where a mysterious dark entity has plans for him. How did he get here, and can he escape? Wandering aimlessly throughout an alien dimension, Sloane is lost with no way of finding his way home